Pump & Firepump System

We have been building premium quality pump and fire pump systems specializing in both residential and commercial packaged pump and fire pump systems. We design and custom build packaged units to fit any application. Our packaged systems will save you time, money and headaches. We pull it all together, you drop it in place. Whether you need a residential fire pump and tank for your home or a diesel driven fire system for a multi-warehouse complex.

Mechanical Seal

Here at Beyond Borderless, we specialize in the professional manufacturing of: mechanical seals, cartridge seals, metal bellow seals mixer, and agitator seals and sealing.


Lapping/polishing machines, when used with conventional abrasive, diamond super abrasive, or polishing media, can remove stock and finish virtually any solid material to your required specifications.

Speed Reducer

We specialize in quality, dependable gearbox repair. Perhaps that's the reason why so many large and small manufacturers, steel and paper mills, utility power plants, oil refineries, chemical processing facilities and other industrial plants from around the world that depend on speed reducers and increasers for the operation of their machinery rely on Beyond Borderless.

Rewinding Motor

We offer a full range of services for electric motors and other equipment. These services include rewinding, rebuilding, repairing and trouble shooting. Our motor repair department has many years of experience in AD, DC, synchronous, crane motors, brake motors, explosion proof motor, 2 peed motor, etc. in sizes up to 1000 HP and 4600 volts.

Root Blower

We provide OEM equivalent quality spares, better service and more value than other OEM providers. Backed by our factory trained service technicians, our company has the capability of servicing any major brand of roots blower as our service department has been the backbone and the infrastructure. Whether your blower is down and you require immediate/emergency service, or you realize the importance of properly maintained equipment and would like to have preventive maintenance program, our services are available round the clock for our customers.

Cooling Tower

If you feel your cooling tower is in need of repair, not functioning properly or if you just have a few questions; Beyond Borderless is a reliable and creditworthy company that stands ready to install, service, repair and maintain any of your cooling tower needs.

Welding Pipe and Piping System

Welding professionals work in a number of different areas, specializing in different types of metals, materials and types of welding. Pipe welders joing pipes using the shielded metal arc and gas shielded arc methods. Pipe welders can earn a number of different certifications that allow them to work with different materials and methods.